The Dynamics of the Electric Field Distribution in the Surface of Insulating Film Irradiated by Air Ions

Julionas KALADE, Ringaudas RINKUNAS, Romaldas PURLYS, Pranas JUOZAS ZILINSKAS, Tadeus LOZOVSKI, Andrius POSKUS


When deposited on a surface, electric charge usually accumulates near the tips of surface irregularities, from where it can be transferred to nearby objects due to ionization of ambient air. The amount of transferred charge, the rate of charge transfer, the size of the charged spot (e.g., on the surface of an insulator) and its tendency to spread will depend on properties of air during electric discharge, on the magnitude of charge accumulated at the tip of an object, on possibilities for replenishing that charge, on the time spent for charge transfer from the tip onto the insulating layer, on properties of the insulating layer, etc. Those properties are discussed in this work by comparing the results of measurements and theoretical analysis.


corona discharge, sheet resistance, ion mobility, conductivity

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Print ISSN: 1392–1320
Online ISSN: 2029–7289